Free Introductory No Obligation Class for first time guests!

Enjoy unlimited classes led by personal trainers!

*Eligible customers must visit I:F location to get 20% membership discount.
20% Discount applies to individual unlimited membershps only!

Booking personal trainers is an additional cost.


To provide customized fitness centered around community and consistency in the essentials of a healthy lifestyle. Supplying a facility where generations can come together and inspire each other.


Providing multiple forms of exercise options for all. Intentional Fitness is designed to build muscle while burning fat and toning the body with rehabilitative stretches while teaching proper form with care. We care about our community and are addressing the big issues like: rehab for knees, hips, shoulders, back, and preventing/reducing/managing diabetes, hypertension and high blood pressure in a friendly and fun environment.

3 C’s of I:F


Make it a party everyday by bringing family members to their first class for free! Get ready for I:F social events to make new friends and create comradery as you fellowship over your successes


Hold yourself, your friends and family accountable by checking in daily by doing group classes or your own workouts with our app coming soon. Make a 3 month commitment before 2020 and get the lowest rate available and keep it for the life of your membership


You should be working out 5 days a week! Every workout is not going to be as intense as the last one, unless that is your Intention. Reaching your health and fitness goals is a lifetime achievement which means finding different ways to stay motivated encouraged and not burning out by changing it up daily. We will always celebrate our members in every way possible and give incentives to keep you interested every month with a calendar full of social community events, challenges, competitions, and free health seminars to give you knowledge and information that will give you guidance in your health journey with options.

First Class is Free!

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